The Crafty Penguin 2

Penguins in Florida, oh my! And not the ones at Sea World either.

Hello this is Rich and my wife Gerrie, who is very busy at the moment, we are and run “The Crafty Penguin 2”. Why 2 you ask? Well the first Crafty Penguin was a small real world store in Orange City Florida back just before (gasp!) the turn of the century. From 1997 to 2000 to be exact. A web presence had always been maintained that’s right it’s

This and that happened so the store closed but we finally are back. Both Gerrie and I have always from before we even met enjoyed building, creating, fixing, restoring, painting, cutting, assembling, rearranging, making better, making worse(oops) and sometimes, only sometimes leaving it alone. So going forward our shop here on ETSY will we hope have more and more handmade items to replace the vintage ones as they go. Between the two of us we have more than 80 years of creating experience. Did I say 80 years! Oh my not sure if I should be encouraged or depressed at that number. So you better listen up when old Richy says “What, what was that I didn’t catch it”.

Hi, I'm Gerrie, the other half of the penguin duo and I, too, want to welcome you our little shop.

Back in the "shop days", I started learning

Donna Dewberry's technique of painting, and I really liked it, but in 2000, I had a stroke, lost the use of my right side, and my speech.

We were devastated.

Years passed, with Rich's help I have improved, incrementally, and today we want to give it a try again with "Crafty Penguin 2".  Although we still have a long road to go, I'm happy to say painting is still a joy and hope it leads to a new venture for us.

P.S. - Yes, that's right I relearned how to paint with my left hand.